Instructional Trail Rides July 22 & 23

This week’s instructional trail rides schedule:

Wednesday, July 22, Skillman

Thursday, July 23, Empire Mine

All rides begin at 9am. Email to reserve your space and get specific directions to the meeting site. Rate for instructional ride: $75

Instructional trail rides last about two hours and take place in Nevada County. These rides are designed to build confidence for both horse and rider and are good for someone who has a horse that needs more confidence on the trail, has a young horse, or if it’s the rider who needs confidence. We mostly walk, although we do trot if everyone is up for it.  It is the Parelli Friendly Game in action.

I provide coaching before, during, and after the ride, and I take every opportunity to help riders and horses meet and overcome challenges posed on the trail. I keep the group small so each participant (human and equine) gets the attention and instruction they need. And since we are all practicing natural horsemanship, you are surrounded by people of like mind, who come to learn and grow in their horsemanship while having a fun adventure out in the world (and in the shade).

Here are some photos from recent trail lessons:

Star and Nakota in the water
Star and Nakota in the water
Erin on Dave, Danielle on Star
Erin on Dave, Danielle on Star
Tamara on Nakota
Tamara on Nakota


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