Horse Development


The EPI Program includes a combination of training sessions and lessons. We want you to be as involved with your horse’s development as you can!

Development can include solving problems such as trailer loading,  spookiness, fearfulness, dominance, and other issues.It can also include teaching the horse and human more advanced skills that set them up for success in their partnership.  We build the horse’s confidence while helping him progress with his mental, emotional, and physical fitness.


Before we begin, I will assess your horse and provide an estimate regarding the time and financial investment. Fees range from $400 to $800 per month plus board.  (Boarding is available for horses in the EPI program; we are not a general boarding stable.) For details about the care and attention horses receive here each day, see A Day in the Life: Why Horses Thrive at EPI.

We occasionally have openings in our Working Student Program. Working students earn credit toward lessons and horse development.

For more information, contact Erin at (530) 559-1602 or

Erin works miracles. She took my virtually untouchable four-year-old adopted Mustang mare and in six months brought out the kind, gentle, and loving horse I knew was there all along. Her tireless work ethic and gentle demeanor helped Shasta become my partner, and a horse unafraid to do anything. Shasta ties, clips, bathes, hauls, and goes down the trail with no fuss. Erin changed my life, our lives.  Thank you Erin!
Debbie Molloy
Jerseyville, IL
(formerly of Grass Valley, CA)