August Instructional Trail Rides Series

I have eight instructional trail rides scheduled for August.

Wednesday, August 5th:  Empire Mine
Friday, August 7: Empire Mine
Monday, August 10: Empire Mine
Thursday, August 13: Lone Grave
Tuesday, August 18: Lone Grave
Thursday, August 20:  Loney Meadow
Monday, August 24: Empire Mine
Thursday, August 27: Skillman

All rides begin at 9am. Email to reserve your space and get specific directions to the meeting site. Rate for instructional ride: $75

Instructional trail rides last about two hours and take place in Nevada County. These rides are designed to build confidence for both horse and rider and are good for someone who has a horse that needs more confidence on the trail, has a young horse, or if it’s the rider who needs confidence. For more information, see instructional trail rides.

I take horses on instructional trail rides too, sometimes on their own and sometimes with the group, depending on how far along the horse is in his or her development. Here is Rociada on her first trail ride, wearing a Western saddle with full panniers so she can get used to things brushing up against her.  This is the Lone Grave trail in Tahoe National Forest. She did great!

Dave and Erin teach Rociada about trails
Dave and Erin teach Rociada about trails


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