Lessons on the trail and in the arena

Yesterday, my student Tamara and I took a short trailer ride to Empire Mine for an instructional trail ride. Star wore the Western saddle with the pannier packed with bulky items. We encountered many joggers, walkers, horses and bicycles, and Tamara brought her bike to ride on the trail to desensitize her horse Nakota.

I ponyed Star and Nakota off of Dave while Tamara rode her bike away from us and then turned around and ride right at us, past us, then come up from behind. Star did really well with the bike, she didn’t spook once — she was a “super star.” Tamara also rode up beside Nakota to rub him and feed him some treats. By the end of the trail ride, Nakota was trying to go up to the bikers and walkers to see if they had any treats for him. It was great!

When we arrived home, I saddled up Star again and I prepared her in the arena for her first ride with the saddle. We worked on mounting and then moving at the walk and trot. I had Danielle passenger ride while I played with Star from the ground. I played all of the games and she walked and trotted several circles. She did very well. It was a busy day for Star. I’ll have pictures to share in a future post.

Meanwhile, 9-year-old Matea is enjoying her lessons. Here she is with Parker, a chocolate palomino Rocky Mountain Horse, finding her balance point and gaining confidence riding bareback.

Matea on Parker
Matea on Parker
Navigating the poles
Navigating the poles


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