Master of Natural Horsemanship

This young woman is a master of Natural Horsemanship. Patient, methodical, talented, and dependable. She stands out in an occupation that includes too many unqualified individuals.

Robert M. Miller, DVM, author of The Revolution in Horsemanship and Natural Horsemanship Explained

Gifted Teacher


Did I mention how in love with Horsemanship camp I am?! I love what you teach, and how you teach, and am so impressed by your personal awareness of everything that is going on. You are such a gifted teacher, with a lovely group of young ladies working with you! We are so lucky to have found you!

Lisa Bonney Berry
Nevada City, CA

Horses in Our Lives

Lucia on Tessa

We are so happy to have discovered you, Maddy and the lovely horses and ponies. I feel like we are all learning so much and it is just a joy to have horses in our lives every week!

Willow Osborn
Grass Valley, CA

Being Free

Lesson with Linda

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed our lesson today…..I loved being free with Parker, having him follow me over things and so on…..
and to be somewhat able to do the games….He is a lovely horse and you are a wonderful teacher.

Thanks so very much for all your patience…..

Linda Palley
Penn Valley, CA

Calm and Cooperative for X-rays — Without Sedatives

My vet and his X-ray tech were here yesterday, expecting to sedate Doncella for the procedures they needed to do.  Their equipment is very valuable so they need for the horse to remain very quiet and perfectly still, with her hooves up on very small blocks, as they work around her legs and hooves.

I requested that they not sedate my horse. Because of the hoof placement techniques you showed me during our last lesson she went through the entire process calmly and with cooperation. No more suggestions of sedation!  I am so impressed.  Thank you very much!


(Photo from Halloween Play Day)

Best Training and ‘Horse Hotel’

Not only am I getting the best training, that I would drive many more miles to have my beloved horse Ruby is staying in the best hotel money can buy.

Sandy Register
Nicholas, CA

From Untouchable to Partner

Erin works miracles. She took my virtually untouchable four-year-old adopted Mustang mare and in six months brought out the kind, gentle, and loving horse I knew was there all along. Her tireless work ethic and gentle demeanor helped Shasta become my partner, and a horse unafraid to do anything. Shasta ties, clips, bathes, hauls, and goes down the trail with no fuss. Erin changed my life, our lives.  Thank you Erin!
Debbie Molloy
Jerseyville, IL
(formerly of Grass Valley, CA)

Lessons Develop Skills and Confidence

You helped Gypsy and me sooo much. I now have the confidence of making the right decisions.  Thank you Erin! You have given me the tools I need. You have touched my life, in a very special way!  Thank you!

Sandy Register
Nicholas, CA

Changes in Attitude

It’s not very often you get more than you pay for. What Erin did with my yearling and bold and bratty 3-year-old in two months is almost beyond words. They arrived back home with manners, but better than that, they came home believing that humans are trustworthy leaders. Unbelievable change in attitude.

My shot-phobic yearling now couldn’t care less when approached with a syringe. One day I went to town and left the pasture gate open by mistake, I came home to find her hanging out in the horse trailer. The three-year-old passed for a calm, mature mare at her warmblood inspection, ditto for her trips to the vet. I’m very grateful to Erin, she is an awesome trainer. I would and will send horses to her again.

Lisa Lawrence
Oreana, Idaho

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