Youth Program

Have you ever played ball with a horse? What about hula-hoop or hopscotch? Does it sound like fun? Those are just a few of the toys and games that are part of the youth program here at EPI.

EPI Youth Program

We offer a monthly membership lesson program as well as camps, play days, the horsemanship club, and mentoring opporutnities.

Call Lisa Murphy at 530-263-1878 to schedule your lessons!

We emphasize safety and fun in all aspects of handling horses, from the first moment you catch the horse’s eye through haltering, grooming, playing on the ground, and all the way through riding. Our program is a comprehensive horsemanship school and goes far beyond “just” riding!

The secret to excellence in riding

The secret to excellence in riding is to have excellent horsemanship skills on the ground. Everything you do while riding is merely an extension of your horsemanship — and horsemanship starts in your heart, not in your saddle. How cool is that?

Our philosophy is to teach riders two-way communication with their horses. In our lessons, students learn to listen and understand what the horse is trying to communicate and learn how to communicate back to the horse. In the process, the students begin to develop what we call the “tool box.” The tool box holds the skills that help keep them safer around horses and allows them to develop their skills as partners, leaders, and riders.

Horses help youth:

  • Build self-confidence
  • Improve emotional control
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Increase empathy and awareness in relationships
  • Enjoy healthy physical activity
  • Learn communication and teamwork skills

About our program

All youth lessons and activities are tailored to the needs and goals of the students and may include:

  • Safety practices when handling horses
  • Grooming and bathing
  • Playing with horses from the ground
  • Riding (and bareback riding!)
  • Games with the horses
  • Mentorship (students helping students)
  • “Horse lab” sessions
  • Horsekeeping activities

About the instructor

Our youth program is directed by Lisa Murphy of Teamwork Equine Services, located right here at the Equine Partners, Inc. ranch. Lisa has more than 30 years of experience in the horse industry and is a Certified Horseman’s Association (CHA) Master Instructor. For more info, see our About Us page.

Call Lisa Murphy at 530-263-1878 to schedule your lesson!

Monthly membership lesson program

The monthly rate for weekly group lessons is $300-375 per month. Lesson horses or ponies are provided at no extra charge. Students must be at least 5 years old.

Our program is based on a monthly membership, similar to a martial arts or a gymnastics studio. Dues are paid on the first of the month for the upcoming month. Your dues reserve your scheduled day and time. This structure enables us to balance the workload for our lesson horses and ensure they get enough time for rest and recovery. It also helps ensure that each student gets the full benefit of their individualized program.

We cannot do makeup lessons for no-shows. Makeup lessons are at the discretion of your instructor and if scheduled will be used within the calendar month.

We carry helmets, boots, breeches, and other apparel accessories in youth sizes in our store, The Tack Trunk, located on the ranch.

Camps and clubs

The Horsemanship Club meets monthly and is free for students who meet the qualifications. See the Horsemanship Club page for details.

The Youth Summer Program offers a “summer camp” feel and an opportunity to play with the horses outside of regular lessons. It’s also an economical way for homeschooling families not to lose too much progress over the summer break if regular lessons aren’t possible.

Current students and their siblings get first priority at enrollment. We also keep some spots open for community families.

Call or text Lisa Murphy at 530-263-1878 to get on the schedule.

Homeschooling and charter school credit

Youth Program word cloud: partnership, agility, relationships, communication, empathy, natural, and more

The EPI Youth Program may qualify for homeschool or charter school credit. Check with your schooling organization or call or text Lisa Murphy at 530-263-1878 for more information.


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