Lesson-Lease Program

The EPI lesson-lease program is designed to accelerate your progress in developing the feel, timing, flexibility, and leadership that are the foundation of horsemanship. The intent of a lesson-lease is to give you the time and the tools to progress with a horse without the financial commitments and other responsibilities of horse ownership.


Why do a lesson-lease at EPI?

Lesson-lease program participants have access to their lease horses on their scheduled days between lessons. Your instructor may give you specific “homework” to practice. You may also explore bonding activities such as taking walks around the ranch, grazing on the lawn, or sharing an apple with no particular goal in mind.

Regular lessons ensure that your horsemanship advances on a positive and progressive path. A lesson-lease allows you time to hang out with your lease horse, develop the relationship, and build your skills outside of the structure of a lesson.

What does the EPI lesson-lease program include?

  • One lease sessions per week.
  • Lease days are scheduled, to ensure that horses have enough rest.
  • Full use of EPI facilities on lease days.

What does an EPI lesson-lease cost?


The lesson-lease cost is in addition to your lessons and must be paid by the 1st of the month. You must take at least one lesson per week to qualify for a lesson-lease.


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