Boarding is available for EPI Horsemanship Program participants for horses in training or lessons. Please contact Erin at (530) 559-1602 to discuss boarding options.


Board is $785 per month. This includes:

  • $300 credit toward lessons and training (must be used within the calendar month)
  • Daily Platinum supplement
  • Psyllium first 7 days of every month
  • Applying and removing blankets (seasonal)
  • Applying and removing fly masks (seasonal)
  • Feeding hay, hay pellets, and morning supplement bucket
  • Administering wormers
  • Daily turnout
  • Holding your horse for the vet/farrier during normal business hours
  • Use of two lighted arenas (one is covered) and a round pen
  • Wash stations (one with warm water)
  • Use of barrels, jumps, tarps, and other obstacles
  • Saddle racks and space in the tack room
  • Ranch manager lives on-site

You are responsible for the costs of veterinarian, farrier, chiropractor, massage therapist, dentist, supplemental feeds, wormers, vaccines, medications, and other incidentals. These items are billed to you monthly.

Horses at EPI live in 24-hour turn out. They get exposed to people, cars, trucks with tarps flapping, trash trucks, motorcycles, tractors, lawn mowers, bikes, wheelbarrows, tractors, and many other stimuli. For more details about the horsekeeping routine, see A Day in the Life: Why Horses Thrive at EPI.

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