Benefits of Natural Horsemanship

Paint pony standing on a tree stump while an Arabian horse looks on

Natural horsemanship helps us — challenges us — to develop our communication skills, empathy, leadership, and patience.

Students of natural horsemanship report improvements in their relationships with family, friends, and co-workers as they progress in building better relationships with their horses. Parents discover they are more patient with their children. Children discover they can be effective communicators.

Playing with horses provides benefits that last long after you leave the barn. Being around horses lowers blood pressure and stress hormones, while the physical activity offers a fresh-air alternative to the gym. Riding horses improves balance, flexibility, and core strength. Just grooming a horse can be a meditative experience.

And there’s nothing like achieving a goal in total harmony with your horse, whether it is performing a dressage test with excellence or enjoying a fear-free trail ride.

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