Youth students help youth horse build confidence

This month’s Horsemanship Club included helping Toby build his confidence in his environment. Toby is a Welsh pony cross, not quite two years old, with much to experience in the world.


Toby’s owner Tammy brought him out to meet the youth students on Horsemanship Club day. Then the students got into a line and walked, skipped, and jogged while Tammy and Toby followed them. The goal is for Toby to understand that all this movement and color and sound is nothing to worry about — and for him to become curious about the activity.


The students practiced raising and lowering their energy and finding “neutral.” They learned how their energy and activity affects all of the horses, not just the ones they are focused on at the time.


Some of the horses in the pens were immediately curious and some got nervous. The students learned ways to help horses work through their anxiety and become calm and curious about their environment.


Horsemanship Club is free for youth students who take at least one lesson per week and who meet the eligibility requirements. To learn more, see our Horsemanship Club page.




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