Congratulations Nyjah on passing the Parelli Level 1 audition!

Our youth student Nyjah has been awarded her official Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program Level 1. Congratulations, Nyjah!


To achieve Level 1, Nyjah had to demonstrate her communication skills, her creativity, and her skill with the 12-foot line and the carrot stick and string. She partnered with her lesson-lease horse Star and sent her video to the Parelli Auditions for assessment.

The Level 1 compulsories include Friendly Game with stick and string, massaging all four of the horse’s legs, and the Touch It and Figure 8 patterns. You also have to demonstrate the back-up, the halt, the walk, and the trot (or in Star’s case, the Foxtrot gait). In addition, you need to show all seven games, preferably choreographed into a flow that doesn’t feel like you’re just running down a checklist.

A Licensed Parelli Professional assess your audition video and scores you in several categories. These categories include technical skills like rope handling as well as relationship qualities such as expression, respect, connection, and relaxation.

Nyjah received several “pluses” in her scores, and got feedback on next steps she can take to keep progressing in her horsemanship. We’re very proud of Nyjah’s dedication to her horsemanship and her commitment to her horsemanship journey!

To learn more about auditions and levels, see the Parelli auditions web page.



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