After-school lessons for youth ages 6 to 16

My intern Maddy Baker is now offering after-school lessons for youth ages 6 to 16 here at the ranch! Lessons emphasize staying safe and having fun with horses, and include a variety of toys and games to keep things interesting for horses and humans alike.


Maddy became an indispensable part of EPI in 2010, starting as a working student and quickly earning a place in our hearts. In 2012, she accepted a position as my intern, working directly with me in all aspects of horse development and heading up the kids’ camp program each summer.

As the oldest of four sisters (with just one older brother), Maddy comes by her teaching talents naturally. She loves sharing the principles and skills of horsemanship with kids.


For more information or to schedule youth lessons, please call Erin at (530) 559-1602.


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