Kunekune Pigs

Equine Partners, Inc. is also the home of Hakune Matata Pig Farm. We are a small breeder of Kunekune pigs, which are known for their laid-back, docile, brave, and friendly nature.

Our Kunekune pigs are part of our daily operations, providing lawn mowing services and weed patrol around the ranch as well as helping our horses become accustomed to different types of animals.

Hakune Matata Photo Gallery

Fun Facts about Kunekunes

Kunekune pigs reach their full growth at about 5 years old. The females weigh 100-185 pounds and the males weigh 185-250 pounds. They are about 2 feet tall on average and have erect or semi-lop ears; they can have one wattle, two wattles, or no wattles at all under their chins. (The wattles are also called “tassles” or by their Maori name, piri piri.)

They eat grass pasture, grass hay, and pig pellets, and they love whole fresh fruits and vegetables. Kunekune pigs gain weight very easily so we are careful not to overfeed. They are very clean and dislike dirty straw, although they do naturally protect themselves from sunburn, bug bites, and hot weather by coating themselves in clay.

Kunekunes are native to New Zealand and were traditionally raised by the Maori people for meat. In the United States, they are often used for pets and companions, for leaning up weeds and fallen fruit in orchards and vineyards, and for meat. Their gestation period is 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days.

For more photos, videos, and information about our Kunekunes, please visit Hakune Matata Pig Farm.

Pig Vocabulary

  • Gilt. A young female pig who has not had a litter.
  • Sow. An adult female pig who has given birth to piglets.
  • Boar. An adult male pig.
  • Stag. A castrated adult male pig.
  • Barrow. A castrated male pig who has not yet reached adulthood.


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