Spring Foal Class Roundup

The first foal class brought much learning and laughter to our students. Our mini foals, Falcon and Rambler, exhibited curiosity and exuberance. Our students noted that Falcon is more extroverted in his behavior. He walked right onto the tarp, mouthed the cone, and was very interested in the grooming tools our students were holding. Rambler is more of an observer at first. He took his cues from Rambler and was happy to engage with students after Falcon showed the way.

Falcon’s dam Shelby kept a watchful eye. She gained confidence from Falcon’s explorations and even mugged our students for treats. We are delighted with her progress in overcoming some of her shyness around humans. Rambler’s mom Dusty was not very concerned about the class at all. She took advantage of the time to hang out with her hay net.

Our next foal classes are April 22, May 6, and May 13. $75 per class to participate or $30 to audit. Contact us to sign up. Participation spaces are limited so we don’t overwhelm the youngsters, but we have plenty of room for auditors!


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