In Memory: Nakota, a true mentor and leader

We said goodbye to Nakota today. We are so grateful to our students and their families who have loved Nakota, donated for his retirement care, and shared their Nakota stories with us.

Nakota (1998-2022) was a special soul. He was Erin’s personal teacher, especially in the areas of respect and leadership. He was a master at reading and calming the herd.

His contributions to our program are too numerous to list. He was a patient teacher to many humans and their horses over the years. Even after he retired from teaching lessons, he continued to raise young horses and to demonstrate the true definitions of respect and balanced leadership.

Nakota epitomized leadership through his ability to bring harmony and calm to all herd members. He was subtle, fair, and just. His patience and confidence helped others around him relax and become confident in their roles as herd members.

He will be missed by horses and humans alike.

If you would like to share your memories of Nakota, we invite you to do so in the Comments.

Thank you Nakota for teaching us so much.

In Memory of Nakota


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