New trail course obstacles provide enrichment

Our students and horses alike are enjoying the latest updates to our trail course. These updates include logs and rock walls to step over, squeezes to go through, shapes to navigate (including an L and a zigzag), a small but steep hill, stairways built to horse scale, and a narrow gate. With the recent rain, we even had water for our creek crossing practice.

The trail course offers many options to do from the ground or mounted. We built it using many of the materials available on the ranch. Logs and stumps from our fire mitigation and tree maintenance work. Boards from older fences.

The beautiful landscaping is all new. The flower beds are planted with local species that are non-toxic to horses and dogs. The new trees should provide more shade each year.

We use the trail course for several purposes. It provides a great opportunity for our students to progress their skills in safely handling and riding horses outside the arena. It provides a variety of mental and physical challenges for horses and humans to work through together. It also includes many therapeutic obstacles to help us provide physical therapy for our geriatric horses.

Creek crossing
Water crossing
Log step
Smelling the new flowers
Like ground poles … but rectangular!
Following distance
Creek crossing


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