Horsemanship and Emergency Preparedness

Recently, we put our emergency preparedness plan into action as a fire started just a few properties up the road. We got all the animals ready to go. Some go into our trailers and some are clipped to a long line so that one person can lead five horses at a time. Luckily for us, just as we were about to roll out, the all-clear came through.

One of the reasons that our evacuation preparation went so smoothly is that we prepare our horses for emergencies in just about everything we do with them. They come to be haltered, they load into the trailer, and they trust us even if we’re loading them into the tack area instead of their usual slot. (That’s how our four-horse trailer can accommodate seven horses, in a life-or-death situation!)

Our program focuses on relationship and communication so you and your horse can stay safer and have more fun. Usually, we’re not thinking about things like fires and evacuations. We’re thinking about confidence on the trail, solving puzzles with obstacles, and developing excellence in riding and handling horses. All the things that bring us joy in our horsemanship journey.

Emergency evacuation is unlikely to be “fun.” But with the skillsets we develop in our program, we can make it safer and faster for everyone.


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