New! Back Stage Pass Events Added to Our Program

We have added a new feature to our horsemanship program: the Back Stage Pass. This monthly event gives students an opportunity to learn about how we help horses develop the skills they need to be great equine partners.

Topics include working with a green horse for the first time, building confidence with the trailer, introducing tack, beginning obstacles, training to drive, and other activities.

We work with horses in different stages of their development. You may see one of our young horses experience an obstacle for their first time and then one of our older horses showing an advanced skill level. We may have multiple horses going at a time, or just one, depending on the horse and the activity. Students who have handled our experienced lesson horses can see how those skills have been learned and developed over time.

The event is narrated and includes question-and-answer time. Each Back Stage Pass event includes one session per day for two consecutive days, which allows you to see the progress from the one session to the next. Each session typically lasts about an hour — but this is “horse time,” so we’ll take the time that it takes, if the horse needs more time.

Slots are limited and priority is given to current students. For dates and times, follow us on Facebook or check with your instructor. If you are not a current student, contact Erin at 530-559-1602 for availability.

For pricing, see our Lessons page.


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