What is your focus this winter?

Winter is a good time to play with the “little things” that make so much difference for your horse.

Just hanging out together, without a task to perform, gives you both a chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Making games that you can safely do in a small area such as the barn aisle or the covered arena gives you both some mental stimulation when the weather prohibits anything more strenuous. Think about activities such as teaching your horse to place a hoof on a paper plate, put a Jolly Ball in a basket, or lower their head to be haltered from a kneeling position.

Winter is also a good time to brush up on skills such as needle prep and standing for leg wraps. All those things it is tempting to “let it go now and deal with it next time” during good weather can be practiced a little bit at a time in this “off season.”

Our program teaches you how to stay safer and have fun with your horse whether you are riding or not. We love to see happy horses and healthy partnerships. See our Lesson page for more info about our program.


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