Trail riding time

Several of our students list trail riding as their favorite equestrian pastime or as their ultimate goal. As the rainy season gives way to summer and fall, we often take our lessons outside the arena and help students (and their horses) develop trail skills.

Our ranch provides a number of opportunities to practice the obstacles and encounters you’re likely to meet on the trail. We’ve dragged logs into interesting formations (ask us about the X box!), used the seasonal creek to practice water crossings, and strung pool noodles or tarps on gates and tree branches to practice squeezes.

We’ll have someone run by with the jogging stroller, zip up behind us on the mountain bike, walk around with balloons, and other fun things. We incorporate the ranch dogs, donkeys, pigs, cats, cars — anything that can replicate or simulate encounters you might have on the trail becomes part of our program. As always, we match the level of the challenges to the level of the students, to keep everything as safe and fun as possible.

We regularly take our lesson horses on walks around the neighborhood to give them practice at seeing new things. The neighborhood families often smile and wave or come over to ask us about the horses, which gives everyone a chance to learn trail etiquette and safety (and to practice social distancing — always a good idea when meeting horses on a trail).

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