What kind of riding do we do?

We often get this question when new students find us online or come to the ranch for a tour. Typically, they are asking if we do “Western” or “English.” Sometimes experienced horse people ask us if we teach a sport or discipline, such as reining or jumping or cowboy dressage.

The answer is – we teach good riding, period.

Our program focuses on foundation first. Students work on balance, timing, communication, harmony, and a myriad of other skills that will keep you and your horse safer and having more fun in any riding discipline.

Our instructors have performed in a multitude of riding disciplines over the course of their careers, including (but not limited to!) dressage, gymkhana, hunter-jumper, horse trekking/packing, cross-country, ranch work, freestyle spotlight spectaculars, trail riding, and the Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Race.

They know how important it is to have a solid foundation to build on when starting and making progress in any discipline.

The truth is, a foundation of good riding will support you in any equestrian sport. Whether jumping jumps or racing barrels, riding with balance and harmony are keys to excellence in performance and to supporting your horse’s well-being and soundness.

Even more important than riding well is a foundation of good horsemanship, which will help you and your horse become more successful in all equestrian activities.

At EPI, riding is one part of a larger horsemanship program. It is based on a language of love, communication, feel, and fairness through a practice of progressive principles and techniques.

We tailor every lesson to the needs of the student and the horse. You might ride bareback in one lesson and in full English or Western tack the next. You might be in one of the arenas or out on the ranch trail course. Or both.

What remains the same is our commitment to helping you achieve extraordinary results with your horse, whatever your equestrian goals may be!


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