Another successful Rally and Agility competition!

We are once again impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of our students! The event began at 7 AM with everyone cooperating to get the horses ready for the first contestants to enter the arenas at 8. We especially appreciate all of the families who got here early to get parked and set up their picnic areas while the youth students prepped their horses.

Adults and youth students tackled the challenges presented by two courses, each with a different focus. The Rally course tests your horsemanship as it relates to body language and maneuvering the horse. The Agility course tests your horsemanship as it relates to obstacles.

Each event raises the challenge level. This time, students could choose to do the course on-line, riding, or at liberty (no halter and lead rope). They could also do the tasks at higher gaits or from other zones of the horse.

We score students against a set of criteria for completing the task and for demonstrating excellence in horsemanship. We also award ribbons for the first six places in each of the groups, which are based on level of experience in our program.

We were pleased to see even some of our newest students participating and earning their first scores (and ribbons)!

This event was the third in our series of four, with the last event schedule for October. At that time, in addition to awarding the day’s score sheets and ribbons, we will present the special horsemanship award to the student in each group who has the most horsemanship points over all four events.


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