SOLD: ‘Juliet,’ a supreme trail horse [Video]

Juliet is a registered Appendix Quarter Horse, 11 years old, 15 hands, 1000 pounds, grey mare. $2,000

Juliet is priced at only $2000 because she is serviceably sound. She has no trouble with walk, trot, or canter on the trail, but she does not prefer circles in the arena. She has a mild intermittent left front lameness due to an old injury to her scapula (shoulder blade).

Juliet has been part of our Natural Horsemanship youth and adult lesson program for all levels of riders. She would be best matched with an advanced beginner.

She has won several 1st place ribbons in Rally and Agility (trail obstacle) horsemanship competitions. She excels on the trail and can be ridden in any position. As a lead horse she has helped younger horses on the trail build their confidence. She can ride away from a group of horses on the trail, cross bridges, water, etc. She is excellent in the horse trailer.

If you are looking for an overnight camping/trail companion, she is the horse for you. She would be suitable for ACTHA competition, poker rides, and pleasure trail rides. A 25-mile endurance ride would be no problem for Juliet. She can keep up with gaited horses.

Juliet has a fly allergy so she wears a fly sheet and boots to keep the flies from bothering her. She has been well maintained and is up to date on everything with equine dentistry yearly, deworming twice per year, fecal tests yearly, and she sees the farrier every 6 weeks.

Contact Erin at 530-559-1602 to make an appointment to see Juliet.


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