Lesson program Rally, Agility competition in full swing

This year, our youth and adult students have the opportunity to participate in four competitions to put their horsemanship to the test and demonstrate their savvy to family and friends.

Here’s how it works.

All dressed up

We designed an Agility course and a Rally course, each of which has about a dozen tasks, performed in order with as much grace and flow as participants can achieve. Each student earns points for their horsemanship (scale of 1 to 10) and for how well they complete each task (scale of 1 to 5). They can also earn extra credit for presentation of horse and human.

Regina and Rockstar

Ribbons are awarded for total points earned at each event. After all four events, we’ll award grand prizes for performance across all events.

Students are enjoying the opportunity to put their skills to a purpose! We’re delighted to see how many students are helping each other in lessons, sharing tips and ideas.

Erin awards ribbons

It’s also giving them a chance to practice performance skills. Things aren’t the same at an event as they are in lessons — family and friends come to watch, and there are many more people, horses, and objects all over the ranch.

Nyjah and Harmony

As with everything we do in the program, our priorities are 1) safety and 2) fun, for horses and humans. It’s great to see our students putting so much effort into their learning and participation.

Emerald and Star

To learn more about our lesson program and sign up, see our Lessons page or the Youth Program page.


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