SOLD: For Sale: Star, Missouri Fox Trotter, Gelding, 21 years

Born 5/26/1999 Registered Missouri Fox Trotter, gelding, 15 hands, 950 pounds, jet black with a white star. He is sound, has excellent conformation, good bone and feet.  $2200.00

Contact Lisa Murphy at 530-263-1878.

History and experience

It is my pleasure to tell you about Star.  I have known him and been his trainer since he was 2 years old. I started and developed him using Natural Horsemanship for a client who lived in the Penn Valley, California area.  At her home she had a small arena and a large paddock where Star and one other mare lived.  She and her husband enjoyed trailering to my ranch for weekly lessons and trailering out to ride on the local trails.  Star thrived in this environment and this is the lifestyle that would be the best match for Star.

Star is a beautiful jet black Missouri Fox Trotter with natural smooth gaits.  He has excellent ground skills,  great with obstacles, pushes a large soccer ball, crosses water and bridges, clips, bathes, ties, and is good for the farrier and the vet.  He is great to ride and has had a lot of experience in the arena and on the trail.  He has been ridden in a halter and bridle, with English or western tack, and with a bareback pad.  On a scale of 1 to 10 (1= low spirit, 10= high spirit) he is a 6.  He has given many people their first ride and helped beginners learn their skills.

About 4 years ago my client needed to move and we purchased Star.  He has been a part of our youth and adult Natural Horsemanship lesson program and has done very well taking care of the students.  Grooming, ground games, obstacles, riding, riding double, kid’s camp, trail rides, etc.  He is loved by the kids.

The happiness of our horses is priority #1. We have a small covered arena and we usually have about 4 horses in the arena at a time.  Having this many horses in Star’s space can make him nervous.  He will do best in a situation where he has more space or is housed and ridden with fewer horses around him. He has done so well for our program and we are ready to give him the gift of his own person to enjoy the arena and the trail.

Star has Cushing’s and takes a daily dose of Pergolide. He also needs Adequan every six months.

Contact Lisa Murphy at 530-263-1878.

Video: Ground skills

This video shows a youth student playing with Star on the ground, using obstacles like a pool noodle, a big soccer ball, and a pedestal.

Video: Riding out (and in)

This video shows Star with youth and adult riders, relaxed outside the arena and being fancy inside the arena.

Video: Soundness

This video shows Star moving toward and away from the camera, with a couple minutes of gentle liberty at the end.


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