Trail readiness lessons for you and your horse

Stay safer and have more fun when you increase confidence, competence, and connection on the trail! Our trail readiness lessons take advantage of our arena obstacles and the varied terrain on our ranch.

Contact Erin at (530) 559-1602 or to schedule your sessions.

What we do depends on you, your horse (or your lesson horse), your goals, the weather, and other factors — but may include activities such as:

  • Simulations (including the “Stop and Look” game)
  • Crossing tarps, seasonal creek, water obstacles
  • Narrow spaces, such as between trees or barrels
  • Managing speeds and gaits
  • Developing confidence in the front, middle, and back of the line
  • Developing spatial awareness

Each lesson includes working with the horse on the ground. It may or may not include riding, depending on the various factors involved. (For example, if your horse is two, he’s ready for trail prep but not ready for riding! And some things are better worked out on the ground first before attempting them in the saddle.)

Contact Erin at (530) 559-1602 or to discuss the possibilities and to make arrangements.

Trail readiness lessons take place on premises at Equine Partners, Inc. in Penn Valley, California. You can bring your own horse or play with one of our lesson horses at no extra charge.

Rates range from $60/hour for group lessons to $100/hour for private sessions. For more information, see our Lessons page.


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