Horse play with Fergus and Billy

Billy and Fergus belong to the same family, but have not yet been together on their own. Fergus, the big bay, lives in the Silo Pen with pony Tessa and Arabian Ronnie — you’ll see them if you visit the ranch and park in the student parking area. Billy, the dapple grey, lives in the Back 40 Pen with a few other playful geldings; you’ll often see them line up at the fence to watch lessons in the covered arena. You can almost hear their commentary.

We gave Billy and Fergus some time to get to know each other with some arena turnout time. We watched from outside the fence, ready to intervene if it looked like they weren’t getting along or if one might get hurt. But we didn’t need to do anything. They got along great.

Billy likes to play bitey-face (and bitey-shoulder, bitey-leg, and bitey-butt). Fergus likes to stand close and drape his head and neck over Billy, either from the side or directly behind him. At one point, they both broke into a canter and sailed around the arena, and then rested together again. A good time was had by all!


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