Video: Youth horsemanship demo

Six of our youth students collaborated in a horsemanship demo at our Open House in September. Each student-and-equine pair showcased the power of communication and partnership as they played with obstacles and performed various patterns.

You’ll see quite a range of activities in the video — circus pedestals, weave patterns, jumping over barrels (look at Gizmo’s epic leap around 2:42!), forward and backward and sideways on cue, pushing the ball, circles with changes of direction, and some one-rein riding in the bareback pad.

We’re very proud of Jenna, Jena, Nyjah, Jasper, Lily, and Raya for all of their hard work and dedication. In addition to the demo, they created “education stations” in the barn, including a Parts of the Horse game, an intro to the equine skeleton, an intro to equine skulls, and a Q&A and demo on hoof care.

They also learned how to prepare horses for an event, such as getting them used to the sights, sounds, and movement of an audience. They practiced putting the horse first, prioritizing the relationship over “just gettin’ it done” with any particular obstacle. And they showed up cheerfully very early in the morning to help feed horses and clean pens and fill waters, not to mention grooming their equine partners and setting up the obstacle course for their performance. Congratulations on a big job well done!

Photo credit and many thanks to Jessica Annalee Photography.

What is Equine Partners, Inc.?
We are a natural horsemanship facility in Penn Valley, CA. We offer lessons for adults and youth, a lesson-lease program, summer youth programs, workshops on topics such as equine anatomy or saddle fit, and the Horsemanship Club. We are located about 10 minutes from Grass Valley, 35 minutes from Marysville, and 45 minutes from Auburn. Contact us to learn more and to schedule a ranch tour or a lesson.


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