We are looking for lesson horses

A few of our wonderful equine teachers are retiring and we are looking for one or two special partners to bring on board.

Our program emphasizes positive relationships and two-way communication between horse and rider, and we take the mental, emotional, and physical happiness of our teaching partners very seriously. We make sure that the horses we bring into our lesson program enjoy teaching and working with a variety of people. Our students value long-term relationships with their lesson horses and put a lot of extra time and effort into their well-being.

The qualities that we most need in our lesson horses are:

  • Sound
  • Big boned
  • 14.3 hands or larger
  • Unflappable
  • Takes care of a beginner learning how to ride in an arena
  • Enjoys the predictability of the arena vs. the variety of the trail
  • Can walk, trot, and canter on a loose rein in an arena with little to no guidance from the rider
  • Can walk, trot, and canter on a long line

We are open to direct purchase and to a care-lease arrangement. Please contact Erin at murphy-erin@comcast.net or 530-559-1602 if you have a horse available that would suit our program, or if you want more information.


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