Youth program Horsemanship Club

The Horsemanship Club meets once a month at the ranch to participate in special activities.


In November, the group gave all of the lesson horses and ponies a good bath — the weather was warm and the horses were dirty, so it was a perfect opportunity to play with water. And suds. Lots and lots of suds.

Everyone learned about safety and got all the tips ‘n’ tricks for horse baths, like:

  • What to do for a horse who is worried about water or the hose
  • How often to bathe a horse
  • What kinds of shampoo you can use, what what kinds you shouldn’t
  • How to inspect a horse’s skin and coat for signs of allergies or small cuts or bruises
  • Barn and wash rack etiquette for horses and humans

The Horsemanship Club is free for youth students who take at least one lesson per week and who meet the eligibility requirements. (Don’t worry if you don’t quality yet — your lessons will get you there in no time!) For more information, see the Youth Horsemanship Club page or call youth program director Lisa Murphy at  530-263-1878.

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