See, feel, and think like a horse for better results, in and out of the saddle

The first session of our Secrets of Horsemanship clinic series focused on bridging the gap between ground work and riding. We shared stories from our experiences and research, introduced some new ways of thinking about the horse-human relationship, and took to the arena for simulations and demos.

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As you can see from the smiles in the photos, a good time was had by all! Many thanks to our enthusiastic participants, and we look forward to seeing you at the next session on May 21. (You don’t have to have attended in April in order to participate in May or June — contact Erin at to reserve your space!)

In the participants’ own words:

I loved the general format of talk, simulations, and demonstration. You stuck to the theme of how groundwork transfers to riding which must have been a challenge given all the aspects of natural horsemanship that could have been covered. Your focus was much appreciated! One thing that stands out in my mind was Lisa’s chart of the horse’s world view. I find myself reflecting now: am I threat? scenery? part of the herd? leader? What a wonderful tool for furthering the relationship with my horses. I really look forward to learning more at the next clinic. Thank you both for doing this! – Marilyn

The clinic was great! The style was perfect: I loved seeing the pictures with your and Lisa’s stories–these made it interesting and ‘intimate’, classroom theory with the chart and definitions were helpful (I liked the ‘scenery’ bit), and good job engaging audience. I loved the culmination in the arena, watching you and Lisa play. – Kaila

The clinic helped me re-think the necessity of being an active partner in my relationship with my horse. The part about how horses see the world allowed me to emphathize with how startling it can be to the horse when something appears in its vision. – Scott

I’ve found myself thinking of the Horse World View chart and of how my horse sees, every time I play with my horses since the clinic,and especially while riding.  The simulations helped the classroom learning sink in, and the demo gave me something to visualize and aim for. I admit, my favorite part was hearing the stories (and seeing the photos!!!) from Erin and Lisa’s past experiences. That’s something unique to the two of you that no other horsemanship instructors (not even the Dorrances, or Buck, or Pat, or any of ’em) could provide us, and as we all know, stories are the heart of learning…. Really looking forward to the next one 🙂 – Regina


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  1. Lisa BB says:

    This totally makes me want to do the next one!!



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