Lucia helps Tessa maintain gait at the halt

Lucia on Tessa with instructor Lisa

At the end of Lucia’s lesson, Lucia noticed that Tessa the pony was trying to go to her food before Lucia released her to do so. Lucia practiced helping Tessa maintain her responsibility to stand still until Lucia said she could have her food. When Tessa stood still, Lucia gave her a loose rein and just relaxed in the saddle. But if Tessa took a step or two toward her bucket, then Lucia asked her to back up the same number of steps that she had gone forward.

“What if she just leans forward?” Lucia asked. Lucia is six years old and quite dedicated to her horsemanship.

“Then you ask her to lean back,” answered Lisa, youth program instructor.

Lucia did an excellent job of allowing Tessa to handle her own responsibility and only touching the reins if Tessa needed the reminder. And when it was time, Lucia took Tessa to her bucket, where Tessa could enjoy a snack while Lucia untacked and groomed her thoroughly.

(Students must be at least 5 years old to take lessons at EPI. Learn more about our


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  1. Willow Osborn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. So lovely and nice how detailed the description is. I sent it onto her Grandparents in Sac and England.



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