Reason #147 to play with horses: It’s good exercise

Afternoon nap
Did you know that grooming horses burns about 259 calories every 30 minutes for the average person? Or that cleaning stalls offers the same calorie burn per minute as riding a galloping horse? Our staff is happy to learn that driving the tractor to groom arenas and manage the manure piles burns about 155 calories per half hour.

At least, that’s what the USDA estimates, based on the USDA SuperTracker physical activity calorie calculator.

Here is some more good news from the USDA SuperTracker about how developing your horsemanship totally counts as going to the gym.

Activity, 30 minutes Calories burned
(average adult)
Driving a horse cart 103 light
Walking slowly around ranch,
taking pictures of horses napping in the sun
115 light
Stretching 132 light
Lifting and carrying cavaletti, saddles, buckets, salt blocks, etc. 201 moderate
Riding, horse is walking 213 moderate
Feeding, watering, pushing hay wheelbarrow 241 moderate
Grooming, saddling 259 moderate
Walking in sand, on-line and liberty 259 moderate
Riding, horse is trotting 328 moderate
Cleaning stalls and pens 414 vigorous
Riding, horse is galloping 414 vigorous
Riding, horse is jumping 517 vigorous


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