It’s time for instructional trail rides

It’s trail season again, and at EPI, that means instructional trail rides are back! For the next six months or so (weather permitting), you can add trail rides to your EPI lesson program. This is a great way to refresh the physical, mental, and emotional connection you have with your horse. We take the time it takes, playing with the obstacles and adventures that we encounter on the trail. Trail lessons are limited to small groups for individualized instruction. For more information, see Instructional Trail Rides. (Or, to see what one student blogged about her experience, see Horsegirl on a Journey.)


If you are interested in trail riding but don’t feel like you or your horse are quite ready for the trail, I offer pre-trail lessons and training too. The EPI ranch offers plenty of obstacles to practice trail skills, from dogs and pedestrians to bicyclists to creek crossings and trailer practice. Pre-trail lessons focus on teaching students how to stay safe and have fun out on the trail.

Barbara and Maddy practice ponying


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