Relaxation in all the zones

Maddie has been working with four-year-old Ollie for a few months, helping him become a responsive partner without dimming his natural enthusiasm.

This is Ollie on the day he arrived at EPI:

Part of this process involves playing with him in all of his zones — nose, neck, side, haunches, tail — on both the right and the left sides of his body. If a horse is nervous about having a human around him, or gets tense when a human climbs up on a box to stand more “over” him, that horse is not ready to carry a rider.

This is Ollie a couple of months later, receiving chiropractic adjustments from Leslie Phillips, DVM, certified equine chiropractor and acupuncturist:

This relaxation is important even for horses that do not get ridden. Everyone who works with horses on a regular basis, including your vet and your farrier, appreciates a horse that is comfortable and tolerant about humans touching him anywhere.

Ollie did very well in his first chiropractic session. Since then, he has become even more relaxed about humans above him, and Maddie has been starting him under saddle.



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