Congratulations to Regina for passing her Parelli Level 2 On-Line audition

Regina and her friends filmed her Parelli audition video with Rockstar a few weeks ago, playing on the 22-foot line with obstacles in the arena. Regina takes lessons at EPI with her three-year-old mare, River, but did her audition with her 12-year-old gelding, Rockstar.

The results are in and they passed level 2 in the on-line savvy. Congratulations Regina and Rockstar!

To watch the audition video and see the detailed score sheet, see Regina’s blog horsegirlonajourney.

Parelli auditions are a way to be evaluated by a Parelli Professional and receive feedback based on an objective scale. Your audition package includes a detailed self-assessment and a video of you playing with your horse. The evaluation considers your relationship, your technical skills, and your creativity. You must be a member of Parelli Natural Horsemanship to audition.


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