Move over, Boys of Summer: here come the Fillies of Fall

River, Centella, and Persia are all being started this fall/winter season. We took advantage of the nice weather to take a field trip around the ranch.

All three were interested in the pigs, so we paused outside the pen for a while to get used to them. The female pig, Smuckers, actually came charging up to her gate when she heard me coming, which made for an excellent opportunity to practice the friendly game and thresholds.

All three of the fillies relaxed as they realized that pigs are actually boring. Here we are looking to our left.

Persia posing for a close-up.

The back view, as we moved on. You can see how relaxed they are: tails loose, heads low, no anxiety tension in their muscles.

We walked by the pigs in the other direction going home. It is always important to let horses experience things from both eyes.  In this direction, the girls weren’t interested in the pigs at all and barely glanced at Smuckers as we walked by. The mini donkeys fell in behind us and Persia greeted our dog Whidbey as he headed up toward the barn with us.


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