Interview with Tamara and Nakota

“When you put your relationship with your horse first, it is magical, fun and rewarding,” says Tamara Easter, who has studied with me since 2001.  She and her horse Nakota are participating in our natural horsemanship demo at ReinStorm on May 23, 2010. This free event takes place at the Horsemen’s Arena in Grass Valley from 10am to 4pm.

Nakota is a 9-year-old Spotted Tennessee Walker gelding. Tamara fell in love with him the first time she saw him.

“He was beautiful and had a very gentle yet strong and intelligent presence,” says Tamara. “I saw him again about a month later, but he had lost 100 pounds and didn’t look well. I knew that he was not up to the level of training I desired in a horse, but I felt compelled to save him from the horse trader — so I bought him. Needless to say, he had some issues to work through.”

The biggest challenge for Tamara was earning Nakota’s trust. “I have learned to be more subtle with my energy and movements because he is subtle. I have had to slow everything down and to take one step at a time. The Parelli phrase, ‘take the time that it takes’ has been my mantra as I have had to learn patience,” says Tamara.

“My original goal with Nakota was to go trail riding and horse camping. There have been times I have doubted our progress. Through my training with Erin, I have developed my horsemanship skills to Parelli Level 3. He was very hard for me to read in the beginning, and we have opposite personalities, so it’s been a great learning experience.”

“The real breakthrough is that I had to learn to be patient and accept where Nakota and I are right now, and more importantly, to be satisfied with that,” she says. “Nakota and I are happy and connected.  I celebrate the partners we have become for each other.”



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