Spring Special: Colt Start

As the weather improves and the youngsters get frisky, it’s a good time to get them enrolled in school and provide a constructive direction for all that energy.

The Spring Special colt start program costs $1000 per month. This fee includes board and five training sessions per week. A colt start usually takes two months. If your horse needs to be here longer, you pay board and the third month of training is free. (Monthly board after the first two months is $400.)

Before we begin, I will evaluate your horse to ensure that he or she is ready and qualified for a colt start. If it is not, I will discuss other options with you so that we can create a development plan that is in your horse’s best interest. For more information or to schedule the evaluation, call me at (530) 559-1602 or email at equinepartnersinc@gmail.com.


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