Interview: Barbara and Kresege

I have had both Kresege (“kreh SAHSHZ”) and Barbara in development for the past few months. I worked with Kresege both on the ground and mounted; Barbara took her riding lessons on Bautisto. She dedicated herself to improving her balance at all gaits, including a big trot, while Kresege learned about becoming a partner. A few weeks ago both Kresege and Barbara were ready for each other, and they have been doing beautifully in their lessons.

Here is a brief interview with Barbara about how their horse and human partnership is progressing.

Kresege playing Sideways game at Liberty

How old is Kresege?
Kresege will be 6 years old this April.

How long have you had her?
I have had her two and a half years.

What is her job?
Her job is to be my partner! For trail and pleasure.

Barbara riding Kresege

How has Kresege changed since she came to EPI?
Kresege is a deeply introverted horse who is highly independent. Before coming to Erin, she would demonstrate dominance by not responding to humans, ignoring cues and commands, and being hard to catch.

Since coming to Erin, Kresege has become much more willing and responsive. She is consistently light on cues and has become much more snappy in her responses. Most exciting to me, she now has “draw” and will actually trot to me when asked!  She is enthusiastic about coming out of her paddock to play!  Kresege has also improved tremendously in her ability and willingness to maintain gait and direction, and is becoming much more balanced in her gaits. She has always had an unbalanced, out-of-control canter, and this is becoming much more balanced and rideable.

All in all, this horse that I despaired of ever creating a bond with, is becoming a true partner!

Close up on Kresege

How have you changed since coming to EPI?
I am finally making progress in my ability to effectively interact with Kresege!  I have learned and continue to learn how to read my horse and respond to her.  My riding is improving, my ability to figure out how to respond to Kresege has improved greatly, and most important, my priority has become “What does my horse need from me today” instead of “what do I want to do with my horse today.”

For me this is a huge shift and is slowly resulting in the partnership I have always wanted.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kas Sartori says:

    Barb is my younger sister so I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about her experiences with Kresege under your supervision.

    Thanks for helping Barb learn. Sounds like Kresege is much more of a friend to her now!


  2. Erin Murphy says:

    Thank you for your response to Barb’s interview. Barb is an excellent student. I always look forward to our lessons together. She one of my most dedicated students, driving 5 hours round trip to take weekly lessons. Best of all she is dedicated to her relationship with her horse and her horse loves her for it.
    Erin Murphy



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