Silos, dentists, and trees, oh my!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here on the ranch.

First, we got our new silo. Now instead of stacking a million bags of oat pellets in the barn, we can have four tons delivered neatly into the silo. That freed up a lot of space in the feed room and gave us a chance to get it really organized and clean.

Then Dr. Richard Miller, the equine dentist, made his semi-annual trip to Penn Valley last week. He set up up his mobile dental office on the ranch for three days and he and his technicians set to work inspecting, cleaning, treating, and ensuring the health of all the equine mouths in their care.

equine dentist clinic

Horses generally need dental care once a year, so all of the horses here on the “fall rotation” got seen, as did our mini donkeys Whiskey and Bodie. Dr. Miller returns in April and you do not have to be an EPI client to make an appointment — contact me  if you are interested in getting on the list.

And then we had the tree folks out to prune and to take down a few dead trees, making the ranch storm-friendly before winter hits. We still have a lot of trees! But now we also have a few additional patches of sunlight, which we have all welcomed as the weather turns cooler. The horses are also enjoying browsing the leaves and acorns of the branch pile when they get a chance to mosey.

The horses are frisky and playful in the cooler weather — Riley has been galloping around with Centella as if she, too, is a yearling. (Riley is five.)

A new mare, Nessa, has come to stay for a while and I will post a video of her soon. She is a Peruvian Paso and the dam of both Rociada and Hermoso.

There’s one more instructional trail ride this month, at Lone Grave on October 28th, and the Fall Special lesson and lesson-lease discounts are still available through Halloween.


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