Two new arrivals: Salsa and Centella

In the past few weeks, two new arrivals have joined us here at EPI.

Centella (“spark of light”) is four-month-old Andalusian filly who is as inquisitive, brave, and beautiful as her name suggests. She is all legs and curiosity, with a natural sensitivity and lightness, and I am very excited to be starting her from scratch (literally, as she practically melts whenever I scratch her itchy spots).


I will build a solid natural foundation for Centella over the next few years, and then begin to specialize in performance with collection and precision. I am looking forward to growing and progressing in my horsemanship with Centella.

Here she is with Rocky learning how to play with a cone:

¡Salsa Caliente! (“hot sauce”), aka Salsa, is a miniature Appaloosa rescue who came to the ranch about a month ago. My student Regina has been teaching him that putting on a halter leads to good stuff like grazing, walks around the neighborhood, and nightly turnouts with Riley, Centella, and Regina’s other Appaloosa, Rocky. She also helped him learn to hold up his feet for cleaning and trimming.


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