Lessons in balance

Many thanks to Matea and Kayla for their hard work around the ranch this summer. They cleaned water tubs, scrubbed mats, scooped manure, bathed horses, distributed feed, and donated their considerable energy to getting everything in top shape for fall. Now they are back in school and all the other school-year activities, but they plan to help us out again next summer.

Here they are on Parker, a chocolate palomino Rocky Mountain Horse.

Matea and Kayla enjoy a summer vacation lesson
Matea (in blue) and Kayla enjoy a summer vacation lesson

Meanwhile, Kathy is taking lessons with Bautisto. Kathy owns Star, who has been with me these past few months for a colt-start. She is coming along wonderfully — and so is Kathy. Bautisto is a sensitive, spirited bay Andalusian gelding, so he is a good match for Kathy as she prepares for Star to come home.¬† Here she practices riding with one rein.

Kathy on Bautisto
Kathy on Bautisto

We are down to the last few instructional trail rides of August and looking forward to the cooler weather to come! See the Lessons page for more information about learning horsemanship here at EPI.


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