Everyone is learning things

Even with all the excitement of instructional trail rides, the day-to-day learning goes on …

Rociada dragged a 12x14ft tarp around the ranch, carrying it to some pipe panels where we could rinse the tarp off.

Rociada carrying the tarp
Rociada carrying the tarp

We draped the tarp over the panels to rinse it and then we spread the tarp out on the panels to dry it . It looked like the perfect opportunity to play, so I sent her under the tarp through the tunnel and out the other side.

Rociada in the tarp tunnel
Rociada in the tarp tunnel

She would look over it at first, but then she got the idea to duck her head and go under. It was challenging because every time she would put her head down to go under the tarp, some water would run off and drip onto her head. It was a fun challenge.

Kayla and Matea have been working around the ranch, helping us feed, clean, bathe, water, and care for the horses as they learn about keeping it safe and natural.

Here they are  with Parker:

Kayla, Matea, and Parker
Kayla, Matea, and Parker


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