The class takes a trail ride

I led our first instructional trail ride of the season last week. This is me on Dave in the lead, followed by Star (being ponied — she’s not missing a rider!), then Kim on Riley, and then you can just see Nakota’s ears in the lower right. Tamara is not in the shot because, well, someone had to take the picture.

Instructional trail ride
Instructional trail ride

We took the Pioneer trail which follows Highway 20 north of Nevada City.  It just so happens that traffic was being re-routed onto Highway 20 from Interstate 80,  so semi-trucks as well as regular trucks and cars were constantly zooming by. All of my students, human and equine, did very well.

This was Star’s first time on the trails. She wore the Western saddle with a pannier pack that I filled with light bulky items to make the bags stick out from her sides. She did well with the traffic and after a few spooks she learned to ignore bushes and branches when they brushed against her body or tack.

Erin on Dave, ponying Star
Erin on Dave, ponying Star

I will be leading more trail lessons throughout the summer. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Check back here for locations, times, and rates. Or you can subscribe to this blog and have every post delivered to your feed reader (such as Google Reader) .


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