Stayin’ cool

As the weather heats up, we’re all grateful for the covered arena. Not only do the students (and I!) stay cool, relatively speaking, we don’t get sunburned while playing with the horses. Creative use of obstacles and patterns means our arena sessions are never boring, and there’s always a lap or two around the ranch for those who just have to get out in the sun.  (See the Lessons page for more info about taking natural horsemanship lessons at EPI.)

On the colt-starting front…

Star has been practicing all kinds of things while wearing various saddles. Last week, she learned to walk through the ditch instead of charging through it. Yesterday she showed off the Western saddle and saddle bags in the pasture, as nonchalant as a veteran trail horse.

Star (saddled) and Rockstar
Star (saddled) and Rockstar

Riley — who spent last weekend camping and trail riding with us and my horse Dave — coaxed Kim into giving her a cooling shower after their session.

Riley enjoying the hose
Riley enjoying the hose


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