Star and Hermoso learn about wearing saddles

Star wore the Western saddle with a back cinch for the first time this week and I was able to snap some before and after pictures with my phone.

You can see why it’s important to give a horse time at liberty to get used to the new sensations, even after you have introduced them to the saddle, played the Parelli Friendly Game with it, and they stand calmly with it on their backs.

Star gets used to the back cinch
Star gets used to the back cinch

At the end of the session she was walking and trotting around the arena without bucking. Hermoso wore the English saddle for the first time today. His session ended well too. Here they are together, as unconcerned as if they’ve worn saddles all their lives:

Star and Hermoso wearing saddles
Star and Hermoso wearing saddles

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  1. Anne C. says:

    I loved your first-hand account of introducing your horses (Star and Hermosa) to wearing saddles. Especially with Star, your before-and-after pictures when you first fitted the horse with a Western saddle are dramatic. With your dramatic picture of the horse bucking, Star obviously needed a period of adjustment! Hermosa seemed to adjust to the English saddle a little more calmly. Thanks for your story and the photos.


  2. Erin Murphy says:

    Thank you for stopping by the website. I enjoyed reading your comments.



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