Star, saddles, and space bubbles

Star is now wearing an English saddle and is doing great at the walk, although she still humps her back a bit at a fast trot or canter.  I will start to spend some time on her bare back. Before I mount her with the saddle on, she’ll wear the English and eventually the Western saddle with back cinch at all gaits.

She is getting more confident with the ropes on her legs at different gaits and stands easily on the tarp.

star stands on the tarp

She wanted to pull back a little while tied when other horses got close to her.  She has a big space bubble and doesn’t like to get too close to other horses.  I worked on leading her off of another horse, and will continue to help shrink her bubble.  She has also become a little more pushy since she has discovered how to drive one of her pasture mates.  I am glad that she is getting more confident but I would like her to keep the respect with the humans.  All in all she is coming along nicely!


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